Understanding where and how McMyAdmin server files are stored.

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Ben3721 posted this 10 December 2018

I have two questions. Where does McMyAdmin store its server files on my computer? Can I change its directory to anywhere I want? If so how?

I'm really hoping it doesn't store the files in a cloud server as that would making loading speeds much slower and file management only accessible through the interface.

I know these are simple questions but honestly its a new program to me so I am unsure.

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Mike posted this 10 December 2018

It stores it locally in app data. You can change it, but generally shouldn't.

MCMA3 stores it in a hidden directory that you can find by browsing the datastore.

Ben3721 posted this 10 December 2018

Figured it out. Under appdata.

Ben3721 posted this 11 December 2018

So i have reinstalled it into a folder location that I wanted. Now i cant delete the old location files under app data and the web interface is still linked to the old location and its passcode. It says the program is still running, how do i stop it? I removed the new folder for now as it let me. How do i formally uninstall or delete the program so i can do a clean install? Sorry for making a mess out of this as a new user... oops.