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Nessunowin32 posted this 27 September 2019

As for the object I should load a customized modpack.
I have a VPS in which I have installed AMP in local mode (management panel and server instances in the same machine).
The modpack, between mod and world, weighs more than 4 GB so I have to ignore the uploads via browser since, by doing a test, it takes more than 6 hours to load everything ...
I read here on the forum, I don't remember where, that it is possible to access, using an FTP client with SSH support (example WinSCP), with the user '' amp '' but the directory / home / amp is empty despite the instance has been created.
Did I make something wrong? Or is the directory where the instances are saved another?

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Mike posted this 27 September 2019

Turn on the option to show hidden files.

Nessunowin32 posted this 27 September 2019

Thanks, I forgot that there could be any hidden files. Everything works perfectly.