Using the API to Stop/Start/Restart a Server (Not the Instance)

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winglessraven posted this 2 weeks ago


I've been playing around with the API and have successfully made some calls for instance statuses etc.

I'm now looking at how to start/stop/restart servers (not the instance, but the server inside it) and have found the /API/Core/Start ,/API/Core/Restart and /API/Core/Stop definitions in the API docs but can't figure out how to define which server I want to send the command to. It looks like the method doesn't take any input - can you please advise?

Thanks, Wing.

winglessraven posted this 6 days ago

Resolved in Discord:

Send the request directly to the instance at its own port Or you can use the proxy API in ADS (API/ADSModule/Servers/SERVERIDHERE/Core/Start)