Using Vanilla Minecraft 1.13+ with McMyAdmin 2

  • Last Post 08 September 2018
Mike posted this 21 July 2018

As of Minecraft 1.13, Mojang have changed the location where the Minecraft server is to be downloaded from. This means that both McMyAdmin 2 and AMP need updating to accommodate this.

AMP users simply need to update to the latest version of AMP.

McMyAdmin 2 users with a Pro licence should consider upgrading to AMP, but if that's not possible you will need to obtain the server manually, rename the server to minecraft_server.jar and upload it.

In McMyAdmin 2 sleep mode is also not available at this time for 1.13+, but it does function correctly in AMP.

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pawleeburns posted this 22 July 2018

Just ran into this issue on McMyAdmin 2. In addition to sleep mode, a server stop from GUI hangs in the console with

Server: Server shutting down immediately. World is being saved.
CONSOLE: [INFO] Saving is already turned on
CONSOLE: [INFO] Saving the game (this may take a moment!)
CONSOLE: [INFO] Saved the game
CONSOLE: [INFO] Incorrect argument for command
CONSOLE: [INFO] stop Server is being shut down<--[here]></--[here]>

pawleeburns posted this 22 July 2018

A scheduled hourly restart has the same effect. Will McMyAdmin 2 be receiving a fix for this or will it be part of AMP/McMyAdmin 3?

Thanks for your hard work.

Mike posted this 22 July 2018

AMP has a fix for this in the nightly build. MCMA2 will be getting one but it's not scheduled yet.

pawleeburns posted this 22 July 2018

Great, thanks for the response!

Mike posted this 08 September 2018

McMyAdmin 2 has been updated to support this: