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zer0ish posted this 3 weeks ago


I've been on v1.4.8.2, built 2017-08-15 22:00 since released and haven't really looked at upgrade since. Today I decided to upgrade everything since I have time, everything upgrade fine, but now I can't login from a web browser.

I put in my credentials and it just reloads the login screen.

Things I've tried:

Upgrade all again (from the manager to the instances)


ampinstmgr -e [Instance Name] [Username] [Password] (this just makes the login screen show the login circle but never goes beyond that)

enter image description here

This is being run off a CentOS 7 server that I own and manage. Any help would be great.

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Mike posted this 3 weeks ago

Have you emptied your browser cache? Also given that you were on such an old version previously you may need to reset your login details - which can be done via the "ResetLogin" command in newer versions of the instance manager.

zer0ish posted this 3 weeks ago

Clearing browser info fixed the issues, I did reset login already as mentioned in OP.