Valheim Server Port Forwarded Correctly but can't connect

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Farken_OJ posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi All,

I updated AMP to the latest version the other day and created a Valheim instance. I'm running Linux and have run other servers recently such as Minecraft with not issue. When installing the instance I took the following steps:

  • Changed the ports to 2456 - 2458
  • Port forwarded the ports on my router
  • Updated and Started the server

But when I click the connect button on amp, add the server manually on steam server or try to connect via ip in game nothing works. I also know that I need to connect on ip:2457 since the game does one up from what I have set.

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Mike posted this 2 weeks ago

Are you running AMP on Windows or Linux?

Farken_OJ posted this 2 weeks ago

I'm running it on Linux

Farken_OJ posted this 2 weeks ago

Worked it out, when I created the instance the ufw port rule wasn't updated so updated manually