Web interface login failure, error "Unknown Reason"

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Namuhamai posted this 3 weeks ago

I have a few Minecraft servers hosted through AMP on my Windows 10 home computer.

I just updated AMP from to I opened my instance manager, right clicked my ADS instance, and clicked Manage. I was taken to the web interface, and I put in my credentials.

After clicking "Login", the white circle spun around for a bit, and then it returned to the original login screen (with my credentials entered), with the message "Unknown Reason" written below the "Login" button.

I've tried retyping my credentials and turning off "Remember Me", but I am unable to log in. Every time, it gives me the message "Unknown Reason" under the "Login" button.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Namuhamai posted this 3 weeks ago

I was able to fix this by going back to my AMP instance manager and updating all my instances one more time.